Published on April 15, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to quickly gain pandemic status, it is essential to recognize a pandemic that has been slowly growing in the background of this and many other diseases over the past several decades – that of vitamin D deficiency.

Could Vitamin D Deficiency be THE Underlying Reason for the Severity of COVID-19?

GrassroostHealth has released many posts over the last several weeks describing the role of vitamin D in immune health and in recovering from viral and respiratory illnesses. In fact, yesterday we reviewed a study showing vitamin D’s direct effect in preventing and lessening the severity of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Today, we wanted to share a video by Dr. Renu Mahtani – it is clear, concise, and beautifully explains how vitamin D directly affects lung health, inflammation, and helps prevent viral attack.

Video Summary: “Protective Role of Vitamin D against Coronavirus, Scientific Review and Dose for Immunity”


Inner strengthening of the immune system is a must and need in this time. Vitamin D is the most powerful nutrient which modulates the immune system. Watch the video to know about the proper doses of vitamin D to meet the need, backed with a scientific review of mechanisms of action especially against Coronavirus…

Vitamin D deficiency is a global epidemic – a pandemic. We lose nothing by building up the levels which anyways are low, till proper supplementation is being done… And we cannot get adequate vitamin D from food… wishing all best of health.

Watch Video

(A shorter, 15 minute video is also available to view here.)

0:20: Introduction – Protective Role of Vitamin D against Coronavirus, Scientific Review & Dose for Immunity by Dr. Renu Mahtani, MD

1:00: Review of coronaviruses, history, news – Vitamin D deficiency causes a person to be more prone to cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.

2:00 – 7:55: Vitamin D – Right blood levels and dose, sad levels of today, what is safe

5:37: Safe protocol for adults… “If you do not supplement today, you will need medicines tomorrow. Target 40-60 ng/ml”

8:30: Immediate Protection with the “Vitamin D Hammer”

10:07: Immediate Protection for Children

11:10: Information about the Coronavirus – What is it, how is someone infected, what are the symptoms and complications

13:05: The Renin-Angiotensin System (RAS) and the roles of Renin, Angiotensin 2, ACE2 and vitamin D in ARDS

Explanation of the cytokine storm, inflammation, and consequences
ACE2 is anti-inflammatory with actions to protect lungs from injury
Coronavirus deactivates ACE2, leading to inflammation and ARDS

19:30: Vitamin D – How it can protect

Reduces production of renin (therefore reducing inflammation in lungs)
Increases the expression of ACE2 (protects the lungs from injury)
Increases production of natural antibiotics and antivirals cathelicidins and defensins (inhibits viral attack to the cells and ACE2 receptors)

26:47: Summary of Vitamin D defense against Coronavirus and recommended intakes


Interested in Participating in a Protocol based on the Video, incorporating the GrassrootsHealth’ standards of education and testing to allow all to personalize the intake needed to achieve the 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L)?

Please let us know if you or a group you are sponsoring are interested in quickly improving vitamin D levels by utilizing a more rapid protocol. Simply share your name and email, with an optional comment. We will get back to you soon.

Also, coming in the next several emails, we will be covering vitamin D’s role as one of the easiest modifiable risk factors to address and/or eliminate racial disparities in health – stay tuned!

About Dr. Mahtani

Dr. Renu Mahtani is a practicing physician with over 30 years of experience, and has practiced in over 12 different countries. She specializes in autoimmune disease, pain management, and lifestyle issues. Her commitment is to provide deep lasting solutions by addressing health issues at their causative level, with personalized treatment programs that provide care at all levels, physical and emotional. Learn more here.

Does Your Immune System Need More Vitamin D?

Do you know what your vitamin D level is? Be sure to test today to find out, and take steps to keep it within a target of 40-60 ng/ml or 100-150 nmol/L! Give your immune system the nutrients it needs to support a healthy you.  Through GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute, you can also test your essential elements magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium, toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium, as well as your omega-3 levels, inflammation levels and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level. Find out your levels today! Log on to the test selection page (click the link below) to get your tests and see for yourself if your levels can be improved.

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How Can You Use this Information for YOUR Health?

Having and maintaining healthy vitamin D and other nutrient levels can help improve your health now and for your future. Measuring is the only way to make sure you are getting enough!

STEP 1 Order your at-home blood spot test kit to measure vitamin D and other nutrients of concern to you, such as omega-3s, magnesium, essential and toxic elements (zinc, copper, selenium, lead, cadmium, mercury); include hsCRP as a marker of inflammation or HbA1c for blood sugar health

STEP 2 Answer the online questionnaire as part of the GrassrootsHealth study

STEP 3 Using our educational materials and tools (such as our dose calculators), assess your results to determine if you are in your desired target range or if actions should be taken to get there

STEP 4 After 3-6 months of implementing your changes, re-test to see if you have achieved your target level(s)

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