Amongst the challenges we have faced this year and continue to face, we hope that you are able to find some holiday cheer and gratitude for the wonders and joys that remain in our lives. At GrassrootsHealth, we are especially grateful for all of our participants, for your continued participation and support, as well as the scientists and researchers who have worked diligently to spread the word about vitamin D – some for decades – only to make small strides forward at a time. We KNOW the health benefits of achieving our scientists’ recommended levels of vitamin D (40-60 ng/ml or 100-150 nmol/L). From reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, preterm birth and pregnancy complications, dementia, and especially amidst the COVID pandemic, respiratory infections, including COVID-19 itself.

Vitamin D is absolutely essential to our health! Thanks to all of you, we are able to continue to make that a realization for ALL.

Have you shared the message that vitamin D matters – not just your intake, but your serum level?

Everyone responds differently to supplementation, and the amount we need is unique to each of us. Make it easy for you and your loved ones to know your level by testing with our home blood spot test kits; you can now share this gift with others this holiday season with our new gift cards! And, once you test, take the steps necessary to achieve your target vitamin D level, starting with our newly improved D*calculator.

Check out our NEW GIFTING SERVICE that allows you to quickly send ‘Gift Cards’ to friends, family and coworkers who you consider might need immediate access to testing, and to Claim the Joy of Your Health TODAY.

Happy, Healthy Holidays to all of YOU!
From the GrassrootsHealth Team

Enjoy Life with a New Point of View!

Sometimes a ‘new point of view’ (even upside down) helps bring about new joys, new beginnings! We have seen this year a major new point of view from our project participants, our project partners, and especially with the increased demand to STAY HEALTHY. It’s a joy to help provide some of those essential components, tools, and education for you to take charge of your own health.

Enjoy, share, and smile. Blessings to you all. Thanks so much for your participation in the world’s largest crowd-funded health research project.