From Dr. Bill:

As a patient of mine, you are probably aware of my knowledge and excitement about the importance of omega-3s. It is one of the most important nutrients for your health! I’ve recently been surprised by another essential nutrient – vitamin D.

When I first had my vitamin D tested, I learned I was deficient! My D level was only 30 ng/ml vs the Scientists’ recommendation that it be 40-60 ng/ml. Many are deficient simply because of the time indoors—but, even when you’re out like I am, it might not be enough. And, there are very few foods that have it in large enough quantities.

Then, Carole Baggerly, Director of GrassrootsHealth, showed me the Iceberg picture below—vitamin D is in every cell in our bodies and is critical to our long-term health. It is a key nutrient for helping prevent preterm births, asthma, many childhood diseases and, even sexual dysfunction in both men and women. GrassrootsHealth’ projects are all science based ways to help us be healthier by using our testing data combined with input of 1000’s of other individuals. It’s key to answering personal questions of how this nutrient is working for each of us!


How to get started today!

We have set up a process at our clinic to help you take advantage of this opportunity.



  1. Enroll in the Sears’ Healthy Life D/Omega-3 Project
  2. Choose to do the blood spot test at home with a home blood spot test kit or at the Sears office.
    If testing in-office, bring your “Thank you for your order” email and Participant ID to your next appointment.
  3. Your blood spot samples will be collected with your other labs while in the office.
  4. Send your samples to GrassrootsHealth with the envelope provided.
  5. Results will be posted to your online account; adjust intake as needed using the information and tools provided.


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How Do You Know if Your Levels Are Healthy?