Download, read and share this educational booklet with a practical guide on how anyone can achieve and maintain their target vitamin D level

The IRB-approved KNOW “D” NUMBER Patient and Provider Guide to Understanding Vitamin D, Testing & Results booklet was created by a team of vitamin D experts to help patients and health care providers alike better understand vitamin D and the importance of knowing the vitamin D level.  It includes educational graphics, charts and links that address the most frequently asked questions about vitamin D, why it is essential to health, its sources, and how to test and adjust intake to make sure all individuals are getting enough.

Everyone needs vitamin D, and while each person is unique in how they get it and how they respond to intake, the information in this guide can help ALL achieve the vitamin D level they want for their own health!

Plus, it is approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (Western IRB), an organization that provides high-quality ethical review of research studies and materials. This offers even more confidence to health care providers and individuals who utilized these guidelines.

What is in the Booklet?

The guide provides information on the following topics:

  • What is Vitamin D?
  • Why do we need Vitamin D?
  • Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to…
  • How do you get Vitamin D?
  • Can Vitamin D deficiency also indicate a “Sunshine Deficiency”?
  • What factors can affect your Vitamin D level?
  • Factors that can affect your Vitamin D level…
  • How can you know if you are Vitamin D deficient?
  • What other nutrients are important?
  • KNOW “D” NUMBER: Vitamin D Testing is Essential!
  • How to get your Vitamin D test results
  • The target blood level is in the range of…
  • How does your level compare? Are you high, low, or just right?
  • Supplementing with Vitamin D3 to Achieve Optimal Vitamin D Levels

Also included is a description and link to the GrassrootsHealth Vitamin D*Calculator, steps for following up on changes in intake, lifestyle or sun exposure, and a list of references that support the information included.

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