Can Vitamin D Prevent Breast Cancer? What is your D level?

What’s the Evidence?

There have been many studies on vitamin D and breast cancer that demonstrate a 50-80% lower risk of breast cancer diagnosis for women with serum levels > 40 ng/ml versus levels of 25 ng/ml or lower.

77% reduction in all non-skin cancer risk: A 2007 randomized clinical trial at Creighton University led by Joan Lappe, PhD, RN, FAAN, found that a dose of 1100 IU/day of vitamin D along with 1400-1500 mg/day of calcium helped women aged 55 and older raise their average serum vitamin D level to 38 ng/ml (from a baseline of 29 ng/ml) and prevent approximately 4 out of 5, or 80%, of all invasive cancers including breast cancer.

70% lower breast cancer risk: A 2013 case control study at UCSD School of Medicine found that the three months prior to tumor diagnosis was a relevant window of time for cancer prevention and that those with vitamin D levels ≥35 ng/ml had a 70% lower risk of developing breast cancer than those with levels <15 ng/ml.

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