Published on October 31, 2022

Plus: New meta-analysis examining the effects of dietary patterns and supplement intake on breast cancer outcomes confirms vitamin D level is of top priority!

On this last day of October, as breast cancer awareness month comes to an end, GrassrootsHealth is excited to share the results from a new meta-analysis demonstrating the effect of vitamin D levels on breast cancer outcomes (see below). With vitamin D level being such an important factor for health, not just for those concerned about breast cancer, this is also a good reminder that we are offering everyone


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Breast Cancer Mortality Risk Decreases with Increasing
Vitamin D Level

New meta-analysis examining the effects of dietary patterns and supplement intake on breast cancer outcomes confirms vitamin D level is of top priority!

A new 2022 meta-analysis by Becerra-Tomás et al. summarized the research evidence to date on post-diagnosis dietary factors and breast cancer outcomes to determine which factors had the greatest influence on mortality risk. The review included 108 publications on factors such as dietary patterns, specific food intake, supplements, and alcohol intake.

This study found that only certain dietary patterns, as well as isoflavone and fiber intake, were related to a reduced risk of all-cause mortality. In addition, vitamin D level was inversely associated with all-cause and breasts cancer-specific mortality, such that

For every 4 ng/ml increase in vitamin D level, they found a 6% additional reduction in breast cancer mortality risk!

Read the Paper Here

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