How to set up your sponsorship to help everyone build their immune systems with vitamin D!

Using this methodology gives you, your group extra exposure to the need for vitamin D and other nutrients, and, helps them be healthier.

How It Works

Every sponsor will get an ad in one of our newsletters.

Clicking your logo will take your group to a link of your choice.

And, be listed on an ongoing basis on our new TAKE ACTION NOW! SPONSORS page.

Clicking your logo will take your group to a link of your choice.

On YOUR website, you will have a picture of the TAKE ACTION NOW! poster. A click on it will take them to YOUR offer for their enrollment in the project.

Tracking is in place to identify those who click to enroll from YOUR site.

If you are a ‘group’ or vendor, you can provide a coupon of your choice (e.g., a discount on the purchase of your products, on the purchase of their tests, etc.)

GrassrootsHealth will email the subscriber a coupon to be used with you after they have answered the questionnaire and sent in their bloodspot test.

If you do a newsletter, you can have a link to the poster on your site with a ‘TAKE ACTION NOW! TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM’ then, follow with the information above.


There is no cost to you for this setup. It can be ready in 2-3 days for your use!

Please send us some information quickly by answering these questions:

We are delighted to work with all types of groups and individuals that choose to spread the word about being healthy, NOW!

Thanks so much for taking action to lead to health!
If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Jen Aliano, Project Manager

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