We have a ‘methodology’ which we think can give you extra exposure… and, provide us some, too!

How It Works

Every sponsor will get an ad in one of our newsletters.

Clicking your ad will take the user to a link of your choice.

And be listed on an ongoing basis on our new sponsor page.

Clicking your logo will take the user to a link of your choice.

In your newsletter, you can have a simple one liner at the bottom with a link to: https://daction.grassrootshealth.net/shop

Example one liner:
Test your magnesium level today—see how your supplementation efforts are going. Join the GrassrootsHealth Magnesium for Health project—learn about your health, how it compares to others. Take action.

If you want to have some special ‘offer’ to your clients, you can add it to the statement above and let us know what it is… and, we can work with you on how to track it.

Example offer:
Get 15% off a magnesium test kit when you purchase a product set of $90 or more.

Display a link to for your visitors to shop for home test kits

Example button/link: