Help spread the word about health with nutrients, new research, and enroll your community in our various projects!  All are welcome who have a serious interest in spreading the word about Health with nutrients.

Every sponsor will:

  • Get an ad in one of our newsletters
  • Be listed on an ongoing basis on our new sponsor page with logo and link back to their website
  • Have our logo posted on their website with some simple statement about why they support good health for their clientele. Clicking on our logo will take the person to our shop or our project page based on the arrangement with the sponsor.
  • Be provided with a custom link to GrassrootsHealth so we can share a count of people who have followed through. (Names not included.)

We have made so much progress with the type of projects we are running, including the one for the general public, and various projects for targeted outcomes. We continue to provide personalized information analyses to all participants and ultimately publish results for everyone to benefit from.

Please complete the form on this page indicating your interest and we will get back to you with next steps!