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Almost 90% of adults and more than 90% of children in the United States are below a vitamin D level of 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L)! This is the agreed upon level based on the consensus of 48 world-renowned, international vitamin D scientists and researchers.

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What is your risk of a vitamin D level below recommended?

The Vitamin D Deficiency Risk Assessment Quiz (Beta)* is a short quiz composed of an individual’s self-reported supplemental vitamin D intake, UVB exposure, and low exposure indicators to assess risk level. Scoring is intended to determine if an individual has a low, moderate, or high risk of having a vitamin D level below 40 ng/ml.

Find out your risk of having a low vitamin D level.
* This quiz and scoring tool are currently in beta mode

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How can you know for sure if you are getting enough vitamin D?

The only way to know is to measure the vitamin D level. The total 25(OH)D level is the accepted measure used to determine the current/baseline vitamin D status. Measuring vitamin D is the only way to know if an individual is getting enough and how much supplementation may be needed!

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What can you do to optimize your vitamin D levels?

The IRB-approved KNOW “D” NUMBER Patient and Provider Guide to Understanding Vitamin D, Testing & Results booklet was created by a team of vitamin D experts to help patients and health care providers alike better understand vitamin D and the importance of knowing the vitamin D level.

Everyone needs vitamin D, and while each person is unique in how they get it and how they respond to intake, the information in this guide can help ALL achieve the vitamin D level they want for their own health!

Download, read and share this practical guide on how anyone can achieve and maintain their target vitamin D level.

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How much vitamin D might you need?

Use the Vitamin D*calculator to calculate the estimated Vitamin D intake needed to reach your target vitamin D serum level (40-60 ng/ml recommended by our scientist panel).  The calculator is best used when a current/starting vitamin D level is known.

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