Your donations help provide scholarships for free vitamin D and omega-3 testing to children and families at risk for type 1 diabetes.

Join the fight to protect children and families from type 1 diabetes

When you make a gift to the D*action Prevent T1D Project, you help us provide children and families access to vitamin D and omega-3 testing and education to help them live healthier lives, avoid a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, to do community programs, education and advocacy for all.

The fees associated with the testing in this program (3 test kits over a span of approximately 18 months, at a discounted cost of $315 plus shipping per kit) may not be affordable for everyone interested, and we highly encourage donations to help sponsor participation. Can you sponsor a qualifying participant in the study? Even sponsoring a single test kit could make a big difference for someone at risk.

Our successes will continue to come through you. Thank you for helping solve a major problem.

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Every $100 donated helps sponsor one child each 3 months.

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