Collaborate with GrassrootsHealth for Your Own Efficacy Research Project!

Do you work with a group, company, or organization who wants to take the right steps to Claim the JOY of Health? What steps is each individual actually taking, and are they effectively achieving their health goals? What can they do to improve? What can you do to be part of a movement to claim your health and help others do the same?

Collaborate with GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute to initiate your custom research project to study the contribution of nutrients, lifestyle changes, products, services, or other measurable interventions, and help yourself and your group answer “Is it working for ME?” These collaborative research projects are a reliable way to clarify overall effectiveness of nutrient interventions on measurable outcomes — e.g., vitamin D and other supplements, devices or products, and their impact on vitamin D levels and health outcomes.

Citizen science welcomes everyone’s participation in the discovery and sharing of scientific knowledge as a group and an individual. As a citizen scientist and a leader of your project, you’ll help everyone gain a better understanding of the role of nutrients in health and disease, and use the results to help inform yourself and your group that what you are doing is actually helping to Claim the Joy of Health! for everyone involved. Each individual in your custom project can use their results to make informed decisions about nutrients and other lifestyle choices that affect their health.

NOTE: All projects are educational and involve the measurement of vitamin D levels and intake; each can be customized to add other nutrients, interventions, health outcomes, or goals.

What is involved in starting a Custom Project for you and your participants?

  • Define project goal(s) for both the organization and individuals
  • Identify variables and measurements to track with vitamin D
  • Determine project timeline and number of participants needed
  • Encourage enrollment with a minimum of 30 pre-paid enrollments with test kits
  • Provide what you do to help create better health with your organization
  • Encourage continued participation through re-testing and data gathering to see the effects

Reporting Back to Research Collaborators

As soon as we have received a specified number of test results and completed questionnaires from your group, GrassrootsHealth will create charts and reports based on the de-identified data to send to you. This allows you to see the difference your product, intervention, or instruction makes for your customers, patients, or special group.


How do project participants benefit?

By enrolling in any GrassrootsHealth project, all participants are able to test their vitamin D levels along with other chosen markers using an at-home blood spot test, and in return, will receive education with personalized information and charts, along with their results, to help them track their health outcomes over time and compare where they are at to others in the project.

Examples of some of the education participants receive are

Start YOUR Project Today!

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