Published on October 24, 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Mike Scott

Mike Scott

My name is Mike Scott. I am 75 years old and live in Cedar Park, Texas. I retired in 2007 from biochemistry. I have been happily married for 33 years, with 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

I am in wonder because of all of the positive health effects that have resulted from vitamin D.


How did you hear about GrassrootsHealth / vitamin D?

I learned about vitamin D first as a biochemist. I was interested in it because when you have adequate amounts of vitamin D it increases your anti-microbial peptides (AMP), which is great for fighting disease. I think it is very interesting that every cell in your body has receptors for vitamin D.  I googled vitamin D and found out information from the Vitamin D Council and GrassrootsHealth.

How was your health before vitamin D?

I had a concern about a diagnosis for prostate cancer (G7) in 2010. I went through all the specialists (surgery, chemo, hormones) – they all wanted to fix me. But I decided that I wanted to go into vigilant watching by having a PSA test done every 3 months.

In 2011, another biopsy was done and came up positive. At that point I decided to start taking much more vitamin D than was recommended at the time – 10,000 IU/day. About half of my doctors thought I was crazy and that it was going to be toxic. Most of the health people at the time were recommending 1,000 – 2,000 IU/day.

In 2012 I had another biopsy. It came up completely negative. I met with my oncologist, I asked “what happened?” He told me to wait for another year… 2013 – It was completely negative. The oncologist wouldn’t go on record, but he said that high levels of D can starve tumors. He is now recommending vitamin D to all of his patients, because he saw my success.

I no longer have any symptoms. My PSA is still elevated, but I feel much better and no one can find any prostate cancer.

How much vitamin D do you take? How do you get it (sun or supplements)?

I take 10,000 IU/day. I never miss a day. I also go for a daily walk for half an hour with no sunscreen.

What is your vitamin D level?

One of his grandchildren, and one great-grandchild

One of his grandchildren, and one great-grandchild

I have my blood levels done twice a year, it is usually an average of 75 ng/ml. One summer it got as high as 120 ng/ml. Usually in the winter it doesn’t go too low, the lowest I have had is 60 ng/ml. I am very good at taking it daily – summer or winter, I never forget. Just to make sure, twice a year I also have calcium levels analyzed. I have never had a problem with calcium either.

In addition, I get proper hydration, adequate sleep (7-8 hours), and exercise. I drink 2.1 L of water every day, half of my liquid weight in water.

What would you recommend to others who are in a similar situation?

His tortoise Olivia, who gets extra vitamin D

His tortoise Olivia, who gets extra vitamin D

I recommend that people take 45 IU/day per lb of body weight. I determined that number through my biochemistry research over the years. I tell all men in my family over 30 to have an annual PSA test and to take 5,000 IU of D3 every day. I also recommend checking baseline vitamin D levels twice a year – winter & summer.

For people in the middle of cancer treatments, I tell my story first. They usually get excited, especially my black friends. I let them know that if they have adequate levels of vitamin D it will enhance and help some of their chemotherapy. I remind them that my background is in biochemistry, but it can’t hurt for them to take vitamin D. I tell them to take a minimum of 4000 IU/day along with all of their other medicines.

How do you tell others about vitamin D?

Mike and his dog Morkie

Mike and his dog Morkie

I tell others with or without cancer to see their doctor and first establish their baseline of D. Test once in the winter and once in the summer. I have lectured twice – for my church and at an AARP event. All those old folks do not take vitamin D, only one person out of a hundred was taking vitamin D when I asked for a show of hands.