Published on December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015

Using data from our D*action project, we have created D*calculator. With this calculator you can enter your current vitamin D serum level, your desired vitamin D serum level, and your weight. The calculator will tell you how much more vitamin D you need to achieve your desired serum level with both a 50% probability and a 90% probability.

The D*calculator is a great new tool to get people excited about vitamin D. And the best part is that they can’t use it unless they know their current level – so it sparks a discussion about testing. I always find, after I convince someone to test their level, that their serum level and our Disease Incidence Prevention Chart is all they need to get on the right path. Usually they come back low – and you can describe to them the problems with being low. They check out the chart and… voila! They want to be within 40-60 ng/ml!

Give it a try!

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