Published on October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015

At a seminar in Toronto in 2009, we had a panel of Drs Whiting, Heaney, Vieth and others addressing the question “What do we DO about it worldwide?” To solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic is going to take a lot more options than supplementation. There are very few places where supplementation actually fits; food fortification would also be a challenge in many countries. What else is there? Sun exposure? Lighting? Not at all least, is a twist on food fortification–fortifying animal foods so that the meat contains more vitamin D. Today is the first of three newsletters that discuss different ways we could be tackling vitamin D deficiency world-wide. This first news is centered around food fortification. Next week we will discuss vitamin D through natural foods, and the following week how lighting could be brought into the mix.

Dr. Whiting is a very thoughtful and experienced nutrition oriented vitamin D researcher that I have known for many years. Please read the information below, and, listen to her interview. Let us know how you think food fortification ‘fits’ as a part of the solution. We’re eager for your input.

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