Published on December 2, 2015

December 2, 2015

Dr. Robert Heaney was presented with a Lifetime Recognition award at the US House of Representatives on his birthday, November 10th.

Dr. Heaney is our Research Director and has been very instrumental in helping guide everything from our thinking processes about research to the writing and production of the research. In addition, his presentations are some of our most popular. He is an excellent educator! Please take a look at this week’s topic, of Why Test? for a key video with him.

It is very hard to write briefly about such a fantastic person–he is among the most brilliant people I know, he is incredibly kind and respectful of all people, a peace advocate, determined to make a difference (he has!), and, exhibits a sense of gratefulness for life that is catching. I very, very much appreciate knowing him and working with him. Robert, many, MANY thanks to you for you!

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