Published on March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016

Vitamin D is great for prevention of disease, but what about treatment after you’ve been diagnosed? We will study and report on leading-edge treatments using vitamin D as we find them. One treatment protocol that we are excited to share with you is for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Since March is National Multiple Sclerosis month, now is the perfect time to bring it out into the light.

The protocol we’ll be highlighting in this newsletter was developed by Dr. Cicero Coimbra of Brazil. As with all in our panel of scientists, Dr. Coimbra is dedicated to his research and his patients. He has seen thousands of patients at his clinic and has started to replicate his practice in other countries. We are hoping to further define this protocol with him to see what can be implemented as a standard-of-practice world-wide.

One note, this newsletter profiles a specific treatment protocol – not yet a recommendation from GrassrootsHealth. If you have, or know someone with MS, please take the time to read the article and watch the many recommended videos. Then, find a doctor who is well versed in this protocol. Do not try it alone.

How can you act? Throughout this month we will be reporting on the connection of vitamin D and MS. There is a strong correlation. Reach out to those you know, to MS societies, to your local journalist. Let them know that there is a connection and refer them to this (and future) newsletters. We are already working on one of our ‘Moving Research into Practice’ Protocols for Multiple Sclerosis. We will keep you informed.

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