Published on November 25, 2015

November 25, 2015

GrassrootsHealth was established to get the message of vitamin D beyond academic journals, out to people who could put the existing information to use in their own lives or the lives of their patients, family, and friends. While more research and information may still be needed to better understand the details of how vitamin D works, the information that is already known should be shared and put to use without waiting 17 years or longer (it has already been 35 years since the Garland brothers first published their observation of the association between higher vitamin D levels and lower rates of colon cancer!). How many painful diagnoses of cancer, diabetes, pre-term birth, or several other diseases might we prevent during those 17 years?

This year was a big one for GrassrootsHealth – it marked the first time a major medical institution, the Medical University of South Carolina, partnered with GrassrootsHealth and changed its standard of care to include vitamin D testing, supplementation, and education for all prenatal patients. This is the first step to changing lives, changing our health care system, moving research into practice.

As you read this newsletter please think about those friends and family members who could benefit from one of our three studies: Protect Our Children NOW!, Breast Cancer Prevention, and general D*action.

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