Published on February 27, 2018

Our very first D*action test results came in just over 9 years ago, in January 2009. Over 11,500 individuals have now taken part in our “observational field trial” by sharing their vitamin D test results and questionnaire information on health, lifestyle, and supplements.

Since 2009, new D*action participants have maintained an average vitamin D level around 44 ng/ml. As a self-selected group, D*action participants have always had a higher average vitamin D level than the general population, which in the US is around 25 ng/ml.

Snapshot comparison of the GrassrootsHealth cohort and the US Population from the years 2009-2010

As we look at the 1113 new participants over the last year (since January 2017), we find that the average vitamin D level remains around 44 ng/ml, while the percentage coming in with levels below the recommended range of 40 – 60 ng/ml has gone down from 51% to 47%. The word is getting out – people are listening!

Participants receiving their first vitamin D test with GrassrootsHealth over the last year have had slightly higher initial results than participants from previous years.

Initial Omega-3 Index Results

The D*action+Omega-3 option became available last year, with the first Omega-3 Index results in May. The recommended Omega-3 Index is 8% or higher; average levels in the US and Canada are less than 4%.
In the first 10 months, while 81% of the 649 participants who tested for the first time were below 8%, the average for the GrassrootsHealth participants was 6.3% – higher than the US average.

Omega-3 Index levels for GrassrootsHealth D*action+Omega-3 participants (first tests only)

Don’t forget to follow up!

After you have your initial vitamin D and/or Omega-3 Index results, you may need to make some changes in your diet, supplements, or sun exposure in order to reach your target. Depending on the changes you make, it can take 2-3 months for your vitamin D or Omega-3 Index to reach a new steady level. We recommend re-testing in 3-6 months. It may take a few test cycles to really get your vitamin D and Omega-3 regimen where you want it.

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