Published on February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

We are proud to announce HYLIONTM: a set of tools developed with your help and input over the past several years designed to facilitate moving research into practice… NOW! It’s a translational research process which enables scientific health practices to be implemented safely and quickly. It’s applicable to any group (e.g. hospitals, researchers, public health departments, nutrient companies, or any health related organizations) that wants to see what difference their science and/or product can make with regard to documented health outcomes.

We created HYLION because you asked… and asked….and asked… So many of you have asked about nutrients other than vitamin D – how they might help and, of course, how much? Questions such as, “How much magnesium should I take if I’m also taking vitamin D to get to 40 ng/ml?”

As it turns out, the type of information you really need to answer such questions isn’t there! So, like GrassrootsHealth has done with vitamin D, we will gather information from you, and use our analysts and researchers to make sense of the data. We can then provide answers to both you as an individual wanting to take charge of your own health, and the nutrition community interested in population level results. Very soon you will see an optional nutrient profile page added to the D*action questionnaire so you can start tracking your actions and get answers to your questions.

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