Published on October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015

Breast cancer has taken the lives of some of the best people I have known, and derailed the lives of others. Of course, at the time, I knew nothing of vitamin D’s preventive properties. When I heard this for the first time, it was a no-brainer to test and supplement vitamin D both for myself and my family.

Do you remember your “Aha!” moment? If this newsletter was forwarded to you, maybe it is now. But if you are a participant, maybe it was years ago. Try to remember how you felt. Surprised – that something so easy and natural could help. Outraged – that you didn’t know about it sooner. Relieved – that now you have a good plan of action. Excited – to tell other people.

Please use this month to remember how you felt when you first found out about vitamin D. Whose health would you like to improve? What is the best method of telling them? You could forward this newsletter. You could send a personal note with just a short video (check out our beginner’s corner on our new Breast Cancer Prevention web page). Or… maybe you can collect a group of people in your house to have a D*party.

Let’s find a way to get the word out this month. Let’s use the momentum of Breast Cancer Awareness month to prevent future cancers.

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