Published on September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015

Many of you have asked us over the years how you can help – we have found a way – we are launching D*party. This is a way for you to host a gathering where people can be informed about vitamin D and take the next step – test their level and join D*action – to support moving research into practice.

You can read all about how to do this – and you can start today. I often meet people on my travels who ask how they can help. D*party is a concrete way to reach out to those in your sphere of influence – close friends, family, co-workers, even customers! – and you will receive a reward for helping.

We take your data – and the data from your friends and family – seriously. By hosting a D*party, not only will you be providing information on the importance of vitamin D and a means for them to test their own levels, but also contributing to the strength of our research on vitamin D and disease prevention. Your data on your health status, vitamin D supplementation, and vitamin D levels are what allows us to create charts and tables and write papers documenting a 41% reduction in flu, a 50% reduction in breast cancer, a 60% reduction in diabetes based on vitamin D status. The more people we have participating, the stronger our analyses and conclusions.

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