Published on March 23, 2016

March 23, 2016

Barbara van Amerongen and I met at a Vitamin D Workshop in Brugge, Belgium in 2012. She was very interested in what GrassrootsHealth was doing with a non-clinical trial research approach and was especially interested in how that methodology could apply to multiple sclerosis. Since that time, we have met her in her home town of Amsterdam twice and have continued to work to take action with her, with others!

I hope you enjoy this news, another perspective on how a life with MS can be bettered with vitamin D. Certainly one thing Barbara does understand is the importance of research, and getting information properly documented and published. Only then can it be disseminated throughout the world. Only then can we hope to eradicate MS.

We are working on this front. We have relationships with key vitamin D scientists. We hope to use Dr. Cicero Coimbra’s de-identified patient data. We understand his protocol and measurements. We can analyze this protocol and results and publish a very compelling paper on vitamin D and MS – for possible treatment. Our next step with this would be the endorsement of an interested organization or individual to help fund and promote the efforts necessary. Let us know anyone, any areas or groups that you think would be interested in helping. We’re ready to help solve this problem NOW!

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