From the first time we offered home testing of vitamin D, we were swamped with emails and calls saying ‘Thank you!’ I called many and asked ‘why are you thanking me?’ The answers were always, from everyplace in the world: ‘You’ve given me back control of my health!’ Having started GrassrootsHealth because of a feeling of total lack of control due to a breast cancer episode, I had to find a way to learn, have the sense of ‘power’ of control of my health. I was and AM delighted to hear every day that many, many others feel the same fear, the same relief of knowing. We will never stop feeling this joy! It grows with every participant, every new thing that we learn and share about various nutrients–the latest with magnesium was a major life changer for the health of my husband. Please share with others, we will continue to share with you! It matters greatly. (PS–15 years later, I have not had a recurrence of the stage 3 breast cancer–another joy!)

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