Become a Member of the GrassrootsHealth ‘Scientists’ Call to D*action’ today — help get the full message of vitamin D out to the masses in a way that will create measurable change!

We have 2 new membership categories for you to help you expand your outreach and care to others, to enable them to participate in our IRB approved research project to provide nutrient testing along with the education and feedback necessary to create such measurable change.

Please click on a category below and add your name and organization/business/product to our interest list, so that we can follow up with you and work with you to customize the message to fit your population’s needs.

I. Business/Community/Influencer Outreach – The purpose of this category is to enable GrassrootsHealth to provide custom services to your group so you can address the needs of your clientele with more personalized services. This is especially important to enable such companies or organizations to make sure your staff, clients, and/or followers are taking steps to protect their health with vitamin D, and your clients can feel safer knowing that they are being personally attended to by working with your organization.

II. Product Research Companies – For all companies whose products are being tested for efficacy in affecting vitamin D levels. Open to any product type manufacturer (supplements, equipment, methods, tests, etc.) that we would be authorized to test with existing or new clients and publish results. This helps address a significant need in the marketplace to add efficacy/credibility to the products.